September 2, 2017

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By Alice R. Gaby

This grammar deals a entire description of Kuuk Thaayorre, a Paman language spoken at the west coast of Cape York Peninsula, Australia. The Paman languages of Cape York have lengthy been famous for his or her exhibition of substantial phonological, semantic and morphosyntactic switch (e.g. Hale 1964, Dixon 1980). but there has earlier been no released complete reference grammar of a language from this zone (some first-class dictionaries, theses and caricature grammars though, e.g. corridor 1972, Alpher 1973, 1991, Crowley 1983, Kilham et al. 1986, Sutton 1995, Smith & Johnson 2000).

On the root of elicited information, narrative and semi-spontaneous dialog recorded among 2002 and 2008, in addition to archival fabrics, this grammar information the phonetics and phonology, morphosyntax, lexical and constructional semantics and pragmatics of 1 of the few indigenous Australian languages nonetheless used as a main technique of conversation. Kuuk Thaayorre possesses gains of typological curiosity at every one of those levels.

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33 34 The term n̪eɻŋk denotes a category of kin that has at its core the sons and daughters of a male ego. Ulp, translated here as ‘the’, may be more accurately charaterised as an addressee-proximate demonstrative, cf. 1.

Beginning with high vowels, /i/ and /u/ can be differentiated as follows: (31) pil ‘hip’ pul ‘they two’ (cf. 1 ‘Optional’ vowels: epenthetic, reduced or ‘silent’ Before discussion of Thaayorre phonotactics can proceed it is important to establish the status of what were analysed by Hall (1968) as (reduced) vowels, but which are not transcribed as such in this grammar. g. permissible consonant clusters and the existence of syllabic consonants). Consider, to begin with, the (extremely) reduced vowels in the second syllables of /ŋanc(i)27n/ [ŋancɨn] ‘1pl:excl’ and /wa:t̪(i)ɻ/ [wa:t̪hɚɻ] ‘search:NPST’.

The other four onset-less monosyllables (VC and VCC) in my corpus are the ‘hortative’ particle (ak) and the three adnominal demonstratives; in̪ ‘this’, it̪ ‘that’, and ulp ‘the34’. The only syllable type generated by (42) that does not find an exemplar in my corpus is CV:CCC, ruled out on the grounds of exceeding the maximum syllable weight. 33 34 The term n̪eɻŋk denotes a category of kin that has at its core the sons and daughters of a male ego. Ulp, translated here as ‘the’, may be more accurately charaterised as an addressee-proximate demonstrative, cf.

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