September 2, 2017

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By Joan Hewett

ISBN-10: 1575056321

ISBN-13: 9781575056326

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If one monkey spies a crouching leopard, its loud cries will alert the others. 30 The rain forests where the red-crowned mangabeys live are shrinking. Trees are being cut down for lumber. Houses are going up. Swampland is being drained. Farmers are planting crops. The charming, bright mangabey is in danger of extinction. More about Zoos Most of us will never see a monkey in its natural habitat. But you can see monkeys at a zoo. Spend some time there. These lively animals are fascinating to watch.

Hewett, Richard, ill. II. Title. III. Series.

Still, red-crowned mangabeys spend most of their lives on the ground. If you were walking through a rain forest in Nigeria, you would probably hear red-crowned mangabeys before seeing them. Their whooping, barking, grunts, and chatter would lead you to them. These monkeys live in groups. A group of mangabeys moves through the rain forest in search of food and water. The monkeys call to each other to keep in touch. If one monkey spies a crouching leopard, its loud cries will alert the others. 30 The rain forests where the red-crowned mangabeys live are shrinking.

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