September 2, 2017

Download A New Dawn: Your Favorite Authors on Stephenie Meyer's by Ellen Hopkins PDF

By Ellen Hopkins

ISBN-10: 1935251910

ISBN-13: 9781935251910

Enthusiasts of the literary phenomenon referred to as the Twilight sequence can’t support short of extra. a brand new sunrise supplies it to them, inviting readers to affix a few of their favourite YA authors as they appear on the sequence with clean eyes and fall in love with Edward, Bella and the remainder of Forks, Wash., in every single place again.

Edited by way of bestselling writer Ellen Hopkins, a brand new sunrise is full of an identical debates readers interact in with acquaintances: may still Bella have selected Edward or Jacob? How a lot keep an eye on do Meyer’s vampires and werewolves quite have over their very own lives? the gathering additionally is going extra: Is Edward a romantic or a (really sizzling) sociopath? How do the Quileute werewolves evaluate to different local American wolf myths? What does the Twilight sequence have in universal with Shakespeare? With contributions from Megan McCafferty, Cassandra Clare, Rachel Caine and lots of extra, a brand new sunrise solutions those questions and extra for an adolescent (and adult!) viewers hungry for shrewdpermanent, view-changing remark on...

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Generally speaking, I like my teen entertainment to be based on reality. I’ve always been skeptical of books set in fantastic realms because the reader is at the mercy of the author’s whimsy. In a world where anything can happen, ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN. Thus, the author can always cheat her way out of any tricky narrative situation by making ANYTHING HAPPEN, even if it doesn’t make much sense or comes out of nowhere. (Note: This is always possible, of course, even in novels set in so-called real life.

The world has changed and Ripley is alone in it. She loses her pilot’s license, gets a lousy job, and is so plagued by horrible nightmares that when some yutz wants her to return to the planet the alien came from, that’s actually her best option. Unlike Jim Carrey’s character in Liar Liar, Ripley didn’t do anything to deserve this. When she and a team of space marines reach the alien planet, she is forced, again, to face the monsters that killed her old crew and left her alone in the universe. She befriends Newt, a stranded little girl (because every alien-infested planet needs a precocious orphan), which leads her into even worse trouble, because when the acid hits the fan, Ripley cannot leave her comrades, especially Newt, to die horrible deaths at the hands—claws—of the aliens.

Would I go into the alien nest, nightmare central, to rescue a girl who might be dead already, just because I’d promised to keep her safe? Or would I take off and nuke the aliens from orbit? So, coming back to twenty-first century Earth: What makes Bella bigger than life? Her distinctive scent sets her apart, linking her inexorably with Edward. Her immunity to his mind-reading is unique, and we see later it extends to all vampire “magic,” including Jane’s illusionary torture in Italy. ) But these qualities of Bella’s are less about what they mean to her and more about what they mean to her relationship with Edward.

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