September 2, 2017

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By Mark Van Steenwyk, Joel Hedstrom

ISBN-10: 1629632597

ISBN-13: 9781629632599

This resourceful retelling of the legend of Saint Francis and the Wolf explores what it capacity to be a peacemaker in the middle of violence and the way to revive a fit dating with construction. Settle in and skim a story of the teeth and sword, of beggars and lords, of outlaws and wild beasts. it's a tale of moment probabilities and the facility of love. 

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Sample text

Slowly, he said to her, “Sister Wolf, you are a creature of the forest, but have become like a human. You kill out of rage. You eat when your belly is already full. ” The red wolf hung her head in shame. The strange man was right: she was no longer acting like a wolf, but a human. The man continued: “I will make peace between you and Stonebriar, Sister Wolf. ” At this, the red wolf walked up to the Beggar King, and sat at his feet. The Beggar King bent low and 23 extended his hand. The wolf had once seen two humans in the village greet each other by grasping each other’s hands, so she carefully placed her paw into the Beggar King’s outstretched hand.

During the first sunrise after the new moon, Sister Wolf set out with her fellow teachers. They arrived at the outlaw camp just as the men were splitting a small rabbit for their meager breakfast. When the porcupine, boar, brown bear, and wolf emerged from the bushes, the outlaws jumped to their feet in fear. When the Beggar King also stepped out of the bushes with a turtledove on each shoulder, their fear turned to wonder. The Beggar King said, “Outlaws, we know you are hungry and cold. But you must no longer attack travelers on the road to Brookhaven.

Overcome with gratitude for Sister Wolf’s generosity, the outlaws were speechless. They remained silent for a time. When a beggar, a wolf, a bear, a porcupine, a boar, and two turtledoves ask you to do something, it is wise to listen. So began the school of the forest. The porcupine showed them where to find roots and tubers that were good for food. The old boar taught them where to find wild berries and fruits. The doves showed them how to find seeds and nuts. The Beggar King taught them how to build simple shelters and how to use plant fibers (like milkweed) and bird feathers to make their clothes warmer.

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