September 2, 2017

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By Meg Girnis, Shirley Leamon Green

Teenagers with Down syndrome can be overjoyed to work out a mirrored image of themselves during this alphabet booklet. complete colour pictures of a multicultural solid of kids, so much with Down syndrome, illustrate the easy textual content that is helping youngsters study their ABCs.

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This way I always feel in control of the situation. This sense of being in control is important to people with dyspraxia, which is probably why we can’t always cope in social situations where everything is unpredictable. Making friends is very difficult and I can’t do it no matter how much I try. No one is cruel to me at school. Most people speak to me when I say hello but apart from that they don’t want to know. I don’t like talking much and when I do talk it’s not about the things they like.

If I have to do schoolwork at home on the computer, I have to be facing a blank wall and have nothing on the desk to distract me. If you read my school reports every teacher every year says things like, ‘Shaun needs to focus more on his work,’ or, ‘Shaun becomes distracted too easily’. Shaun, 17 There is a part of the brain called the thalamus that acts like a filter, picking up on important things that you should pay attention to and shutting out the rest. Most kids are able to subconsciously block out buzzing, rustling, chewing, whispering, pen-scratching, sneezing, fluorescent flickering, bright colours, foot-tapping, and the gleam of the light on the whiteboard.

Charlotte, 16 How many of you really enjoy going to school? Most kids are bored halfway to madness in some lessons and don’t get on with certain teachers, but for teenagers with learning differences this mild dislike can congeal into a mixture of hatred and dread. I have spoken to dyspraxic adults who remember lying awake on Sunday nights feeling sick to their stomachs because of the week that lay ahead. Even though things are slowly changing for the better, many children with co-ordination disorders feel that they’ve had more than their fair share of education by the time they reach secondary school.

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