September 2, 2017

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By Sharon Creech

ISBN-10: 0064406326

ISBN-13: 9780064406321

Mary Lou Finney is under desirous about her task to maintain a magazine over the summer time. uninteresting! Then cousin Carl Ray involves stick with her family members, and what begins out because the boring puppy days of summer time fast becomes the wildest curler coaster trip of all time. How used to be Mary Lou feel to understand what could take place with Carl Ray and the hoop? Or together with her boy-crazy ally Beth Ann? Or with (sigh) the completely red Alex Cheevey? unexpectedly a monotonous college undertaking turns into a list of the main intriguing, superb, incredible summer season of Mary Lou's lifestyles. yet what if her instructor really does learn her magazine?

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Then Mom asked me to tell her what happened, and I did. She said that someday I would understand why Mrs. White got so upset and that I should wait a few years before I practiced kissing any boys again, because kissing is something you have to be careful about. I asked her why, but she just said she would have to think of a good explanation and I should ask her again in a few years. In a few years! Well, I think that now I know what she meant, but it’s sad really, because Johnny and I didn’t mean anything by it, and I never got to play with him again.

It’s not the sort of taste you would expect, is it? Monday, June 18 Maggie spent the entire day gabbing away on the phone. She called Kenny, and then Kenny called her back, and she called her friend Angie and then Angie called her. Back and forth all day. She is cooking up a plan to get Dad to let her go to that party on Saturday. If anyone can do it, Maggie can. It’s disgusting. About all she has to do is roll her eyes and talk real sweet and she gets anything she wants. Ole Carl Ray finally decided he’d get out of his bed around noon.

So they went on like that until Maggie came downstairs and everybody fell all over her saying how terrific she looked. Carl Ray kept staring at her as if she was some sort of goddess or something. And, of course, Dad reminded her to be home by midnight and Kenny right away said, “Oh, of course, sir. Midnight it is. ” It’s now eleven o’clock. I wonder what time she’ll really be home. Sunday, June 24 Well! Would anyone in this world be surprised to learn that Maggie got home at two o’clock? And that she’s not even in trouble?

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