September 2, 2017

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By Betty G. Birney

ISBN-10: 1440699348

ISBN-13: 9781440699344

The scholars in Room 26 are studying approximately boats and construction their very own for a race on Potter's Pond. Humphrey the hamster loves dreaming approximately being a pirate and observing his acquaintances construct ships. but if he mistakenly finally ends up at sea at the day of the boat race, he reveals himself in the midst of extra experience than he bargained for! Humphrey is again during this captivating tale of a hamster at the excessive seas of hilarity.

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She was wearing a green and gold flowered tunic with gold pants tucked into her red boots. ” she told Seth and Tabitha. ” “The sail’s the thing,” Mr. Brisbane told Art and Mandy. “Remember, that’s what powers your boat. The Vikings were great sailors. ” Vikings! My whiskers wiggled with excitement and I strained my neck, hoping for a glimpse of their drawing. Mrs. Morgenstern moved to the table where Gail was working with Heidi. “Come on, Gail,” she said. “You can be more creative than that! ” Gail wasn’t giggling.

Once, my friends were in the library a LONG-LONG-LONG time, and when they came back, they were all talking about some fellow named Long John Silver. I could picture someone named John who was very tall, but I’d never seen a silver human—or hamster, for that matter. J. kept shouting out, “Pieces of eight! ” in a screechy voice. And everyone else would giggle as if he’d said the funniest thing. I wonder if I’ll ever understand humans. Silver and gold be my favorite colors, me hearties! Bright, shiny silver and gold!

But I’d prefer to look like a hamster,” I squeaked. ” Simon asked. “I don’t know, but please hold still, Humphrey,” his mom told me. I tried to hold still, but my whiskers were quivering and my legs were shaking. I closed my eyes, waiting to feel the wet, gloppy paint on my fur. But my fur felt just fine, so after a while I opened my eyes and saw the three Morgensterns putting lots of lovely paint on paper. They weren’t painting me at all! They were painting pictures of me. WHEW-WHEW-WHEW! I was so relieved, I hopped on my wheel for a lovely spin.

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