September 2, 2017

Download Affine Algebraic Geometry by Gutierrez J., Shpilrain V., Yu J.-T. (eds.) PDF

By Gutierrez J., Shpilrain V., Yu J.-T. (eds.)

ISBN-10: 0821834762

ISBN-13: 9780821834763

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We then obtain explicit examples of surfaces. 1 SURFACES A surface S is a topological space, each point of which appears (topologically) to lie in an open subset of (C. Although one naturally thinks of surfaces as lying within JR^, we shall not insist that this is so: indeed, the essential idea is to define a surface in its own right without it being necessary to discuss the possible existence of any larger space containing it. 1. A surface S is a topological space together with a family (1) A={ : otcA"} of functions such that a S is a connected Hausdorff topological space; (2) each D (3) is a homeomorphism of its domain of U^ onto an open subset

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