September 2, 2017

Download Alle origini dell'assiomatica: gli Eleati, Aristotele, by Flavia Marcacci PDF

By Flavia Marcacci

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Indeed, numerous letters attest to the not always subtle pressures that T ornabuoni placed on her son after Piero's death. She beseeches Lorenzo for such "[avors" as the choice of a new rector for a parish church (letter 18); she petitions him for the poor rnessenger who carries her letter, noting that his five children are dying of hunger (letter 30); she insists that a man has been removed from local office on trumped-up charges (and she has apparently done a great deal of work to verify this; letter 33).

The sickly Piero de' Medici (nicknamed /lil gottoso" [the gouty one]) lacked Cosimo's energy and political vision. But he continued his father's legacy of artistic patronage, commissioning the famous frescoes by Benozzo Gozzoli for the chapel in the Medici palace, Pollaiuolo's three canvases of the labors of Hercules, and Michelozzo's rebuilding of Santissima Annunzi- 20 For background on the Tornabuorn family see Levanuru-Pieroru, Parnpaloru, "Tornaquinci poi Tornabuorn," 351-63 Lucrezla Tornabuo11l,and 29 30 Introduction ata.

W. ' Possibly copied while she was still alive, and to this day never published in its entirety, the volume contains a single laude,or poem written in praise of a divine figure, and five storiesacre,innovative verse retellings of biblical narratives. While the mere fact that the poetry by a well-known fifteenth -century woman survives at all is worthy of note, what makes its existence particularly compelling are the stories Tornabuoni chose to put into verse. For this Florentine manuscript, which may have been copied for her granddaughters, focuses primarily on biblical women: the tales of t\VOvery unconventional Old Testament heroines who risk their lives for the good of their people, the trials and triumph of a slandered wife, an account of Florence's patron saint and a vivid portrait of the queen who undid him, and an inventive retelling of the travels of one of the Bible's first merchants and the extraordinary faith 1 Kent, "Sainted the best treatments cenrrality Mother, in fifteenth-century tance of her poetry.

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