September 3, 2017

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By Evelyn Waugh

ISBN-10: 0141909935

ISBN-13: 9780141909936

Waugh's personal unsatisfied event of being a soldier is beautifully re-enacted during this tale of man Crouchback, a Catholic and a gentleman, commissioned into the Royal Corps of Halberdiers in the course of the struggle years 1939-45. excessive comedy within the corporation of Brigadier Ritchie-Hook or the denizens of Bellamys membership is barely a part of the shambles of Crouchbacks warfare. while motion is available in Crete and in Yugoslavia, he discovers now not heroism, yet humanity.

Sword of Honour combines 3 volumes: officials and gents , males at palms and Unconditional hand over , that have been initially released individually. largely revised via Waugh, they have been released because the one-volume Sword of Honour in 1965, within the shape within which Waugh himself needed them to be read.

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